What is MediaRich.io

We’re building a cutting-edge Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution

The Content Generation Network (CGN) is our new Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering. We will pay you (and anybody) to let us use the idle time of servers, mobile devices and PC computers.

We will pull together these unused resources and restructure them into a vast, highly scalable, reliable, edge-capable, CDN-compatible, robust network of highly available compute resources.

We will then lease this infrastructure in the form of a distributed services delivery infrastructure to the operators of cloud-based applications, who will use our powerful, convenient and reliable systems to operate their services at scale, and at much lower cost.

A new utility token called Dyncoin will enable any customer to pay as they go.

Today’s massive adoption of cloud-based client-server applications be it web-based software, software installed on PC’s or one of the 2-3 million mobile apps available, has resulted in tremendous growth of the need for cloud infrastructure, required to reliably operate the services that power these applications.

Problem State

Problems related to global compute infrastructure

Inefficiency of consumption

Reliable compute infrastructure is costly to acquire and operate. This results in difficult-to-meet needs commonly shared by businesses that sell internet-based applications and services.

Data centers have huge capital costs associated with their sophisticated operational systems. Cloud infrastructure services, themselves hosted in data centers, have the same underlying expense structure and are usually even more costly to use.


Untapped supply of capacity

Inefficiency of utilization

There exists a vast amount of untapped global CPU power in the form of computers that sit idle or are not fully in use.

These are computers worldwide that are powered on 24 hours a day, but which sit idle most of the time, not being asked to do any work.

Often these computers are spare capacity servers kept online and ready for use, but other types of resources often run underutilized.


Introducing the Content Generation Network

A cutting-edge infrastructure-as-a-service solution which taps into the growing amount of global unused compute resources and restructures them into a vast, highly scalable, reliable, edge-capable, CDN-compatible, robust network of highly available compute resources.

  • A flexible, scalable, pay-per-use distributed server infrastructure with edge connectivity
  • Offering businesses a system for reliably operating enterprise-grade services
  • Delivers a wide range of applications and services to end users,
  • Powered by a new utility token and backed by the Blockchain
  • A new ecosystem ignited by reclaiming vast amounts of idle CPU power and putting it to work.

Main Features

The mediarich.io CGN solution is a complex cutting-edge B2B IaaS solution which enables a CPU-powered sharing economy for everybody.

CGN server component

Highly Scalable
Always available compute resources

Zero fixed recurring costs


Edge connectivity and delivery

Enables new sharing economy

Support for microservices


Creating a sharing economy

What makes the CGN unique is its design that capitalizes on the vast amount of unused CPU power available across the globe, enabling a new sharing economy for CPU resources

A new utility token called Dyncoin will enable any customer to pay as they go. As the native currency of the CGN, it will be used to pay for all consumption of services, as well as being used to pay out to the many providers of idle computer time.

This levels the playing field for any sized organization to make scalable client/server apps without all the upfront infrastructure costs.

MediaRich.io will isolate users from price fluctuations in the Dyncoin so that the service will not increase in price when the Dyncoin appreciates in value.

Mediarich.io will do this by pricing our services in fiat currency, and actively converting between fiat currency and Dyncoin on behalf of users of the system.

Cross-licensing deal

Ensuring adoption of the service

  • To ensure adoption, Mediarich.io will kick start the ecosystem through a cross-licensing deal with Equilibrium
  • Equilibrium will port its battle-tested MediaGen image processing services to run as the first DService.
  • This will put enterprise users of the Content Compliance Cloud onto the CGN upon release
  • Mediarich.io will provide an initial major user for the service, while working hard to drive continued adoption and growth of the ecosystem through a plan to port an ever-increasing number of applications to run in the CGN

Market-Driven ICO

We subscribe to the idea that letting markets establish value is much fairer than asking a few people close to the project to try to value it. After all, in the case of an ICO, the market for tokens is composed of hundreds or thousands of individual minds, each possessing their own opinions, ideas, hopes, expectations and goals.
Token Economics

Private Sale
September 2018

90 Days

500,000,000 tokens allocated for both private and pre-sale.
• Soft Cap €10M
• Hard Cap €50M
• 50% additional bonus tokens are redeemable 6 months after the close of the main sale.
• Subject to 270 day lockup period from date of purchase 
• Following the lockup period, tokens unlock every 30 days over twelve 30-day periods at 8.33% per period
January 2019

14 Days

500,000,000 token sale continues with market-driven pricing. 
• Soft Cap NONE 
• Hard Cap €250m (includes Private Sale)
• The bonus will start at 25% on the first day decreasing linearly by 1.5% daily, ending at 5.5% on the 14th day
• Bonus tokens are redeemable 6 months after the close of the main sale is completed.
• Subject to 180 day lockup period from date of purchase 
• Following the lockup period, token unlock every 30 days over twelve 30-day periods at 8.33% per period
Main Sale
Q2 2019

The public sale will be structured as a series of market-driven offerings as follows:

• 29 hours periods

• 10,000,000 tokens to be sold each period

• Sale continues repeatedly

• Sale ends when no tokens remain

  • Token Symbol DYNCOIN
  • Private Sale Start September 1 - 2018
  • Private Sale Ends November 30 - 2018
  • Presale Start January 15 - 2019
  • Presale End January 28 - 2019
  • Main Sale Start Q2 - 2019
  • Main Sale End TBD
  • Total Token Supply 5,000,000,000 (five billion)
  • Tokens for sale 3,600,000,000 (three billion, six hundred million)
  • Token Model Multiple market-driven 29-hour offerings
  • Bonus Token Schedule All bonus sale tokens are subject to a lockup until 180 days after the end of the main sale. Following the lockup period, tokens unlock over twelve 30-day periods at 8.333% per period.
  • Additional Bonus Tokens Unlocked tokens which remain held by the buyer will earn 1.5% interest at the end of each 30 day period from the date of unlock.

Token Allocation

  • ICO
  • Team Reserve
  • Advisors & Early Participants
  • Token Swap For Partnerships

Allocation of funds

  • Engineering & Development of CGN
  • Ecosystem Re-Investments
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • License Initial DService
  • ICO Related Expenses
  • Contingency
  • Legal

Read Our Documents

Here is our documents list which will help you to gain a deep understanding of the entire Mediarich.io project.


Road Map

The MediaRich.io team subscribes to the following high-level overview roadmap, which shows estimates for several key milestones.

2018 Q1
Concept Development
  • Concept design of hybrid decentralized architecture
  • Team Assemble
2018 Q2
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Strategic Plan
2018 Q3
White Paper Creation
  • Technical White Paper
  • Business Model
  • Token Model
2018 Q3
Private Sale
  • Private Sale at 50% Discount
2019 Q1
Public Presale
  • Up to 25% Discount
  • Market-Driven
2019 Q1
Public Main Sale
  • ICO Press Tour
  • Open Trade of Dyncoin Token
2019 Q4
Concept Development
  • Concept design of fully decentralized architecture
2020 Q1
Release POC
  • Open beta launch to public
2020 Q1
Launch first DService
  • "MediaGen" launch on the CGN for the Content Compliance Cloud
2020 Q3
Release First CGN Build
  • Without Third Party Contributors
2021 Q1
Open CGN to third party contributors
  • Integration of third party miners into network
Meet The Team

Executive team

The MediaRich.io team combines industry expertise & proven records in serial entrepreneurship and large-scale multi-billion dollar infrastructure solutions

Sean Barger
Founder & CEO

With over 30 years of management, engineering and production experience in the software industry, Mr. Barger is a serial entrepreneur with a history of pioneering award-winning products in software and SaaS. As the original founder of Equilibrium Mr. Barger is the visionary behind product lines for managing and delivering media content at scale including the MediaRich.io, IaaS – Content Generation Network.

David ``DJ`` Jennings

DJ has a history of managing and growing large scale projects. Prior to joining the MediaRich.io team, DJ held the position of Software Architect at NetSuite where he led the technical growth of NetSuite. DJ was technically responsible for all ecommerce products and spent eighteen years architecting the ecommerce platform and product offering from the ground up. DJ is the technical architect of the CGN and he will lead and oversee its development.

Matt Butler
VP Engineering

Matt has long history in software engineering, building award-winning enterprise class servers and integrating them in various environments. Matt also bring extensive experience managing software development teams and leading technology innovation. He will be the principal developer of the first DService which will run on the CGN.

Brian Rice
Lead Databases and DApps

Brian has been leading teams of IT professionals for 35+ years. His projects have ranged from bringing new products to market to planning the development and evolution of internal software systems within an organization. Brians previous database design experience makes him the ideal person to be leading the database & DApp design architecture for the CGN.

Oliver Jensen
Strategy & Project Management

Oliver brings with him a background in top-tier management and technology consultancy. Prior to joining the MediaRich.io team Oliver held the position of Senior Consultant specializing in Blockchain and Crypto at PwC. Oliver has consulted on some of the world’s leading blockchain initiatives, including the blockchain-based partnership deal struck between IBM and Maersk.   

Simon Choi
Chief Legal Counsel

Simon is a legal expert specializing in fin-tech, blockchain and ICO law. Graduating from law schools of the Peking University, the University of London and the University of Hong Kong, Simon brings more than 20 years of international law experience to the MediaRich.io team. Simon has professionally participated in more than twenty ICO’s.


Meet The Team

Advisory Board

The MediaRich.io advisory board combines leading industry expertise in the crypto-space

James Ellingford
Advisory Board Member

James has decades of international experience in the software industry and has close ties with financial institutions and governments throughout the world. He is considered an expert in the areas of collaboration of media and digital assets

Michael Terpin
Advisory Board Member

Co-founded BitAngels, the world’s first angel network for digital currency startups, which gave birth in 2014 to the successful CoinAgenda series of blockchain investor conferences in North America, Europe/EMEA, Asia and Caribbean/LatAm. 

Jeff Hood
Advisory Board Member

Jeff currently serves as the co-founder of Vantage Token as well as acts as an advisor to MediaRich.io and numerous other blockchain companies. Jeff has spoken at various international events such as the 8th annual BlockChain Symposium


Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of Solution, Technical and ICO related questions and answers

MediaRich.io is developing a first-of-its-kind Content Generation Network (CGN). A unique, flexible, and scalable Infrastructure as a Service offering targeted at the needs of B-to-B. A distributed system for delivering services that power DApps (Decentralized Applications) – both consumer AND enterprise-class. The CGN is a general-purpose ecosystem, uniquely architected to excel in providing services that meet demand in real-time, processing requests to perform the specialized work needed to generate and deliver vast amounts of content consumed by DApps globally. The CGN ecosystem is exclusively powered by a new utility token called Dyncoin.

What makes the CGN unique is its design that capitalizes on the vast amount of unused CPU power available across the globe, enabling a new sharing economy for CPU resources. The CGN amasses a pool of compute resources of unknown and inconsistent availability and reshapes that into a massive, powerful and coherent infrastructure service, one which provides overall consistent availability and excellent performance. Due to the relatively low value associated with idle CPU power, we can offer a lower cost means of delivering services. We have coined the term DService (Decentralized Server Application) to mean any service built or adapted to run in the CGN.

Mediarich.io is currently only accepting funding from private investors. Please feel free to sign up to the presale information page. For private sale inquiries please contact us at: ico@mediarich.io or on telegram @mediarichio

This project will be tested and used by Equilibrium for their Content Compliance Cloud buildout, which will adopt the CGN for use with an existing product line. This product line not only has a proven track record, but also has a new Microsoft Cloud Alliance Partnership and a new hosted cloud service with a large target growth plan. Please see the following link for more information: https://equilibrium.com/equilibriumnew/content-compliance-cloud/

Yes! We will use a readily available, scalable off-chain time-series database system to store microtransactions, and strategically connect it to the Ethereum blockchain. This solution will provide the performance and throughput benefits of a time series database, with all the benefits of proof of correctness of the blockchain. We are confident that we can create a system that is tightly scoped to our needs that will not be complex to design, build and deploy.

In a client-server implementation, this is the server component. It is a piece of server software developed to run within the CGN environment. The DService executes requests made to it in accordance with a well-defined API that it exposes, and performs all forms of specialized, compute-intensive work tailored to the needs of a specific DApp or family of DApps.

A US-based company engaged in the business of developing and providing premises and cloud-based media processing software. Equilibrium has an established product family and has spent years building product demand and has also built a significant established user base. Equilibrium wishes to expand the reach and capacity of its product line by being among the first to make use of the CGN, DApps and DServices to provide global, highly scalable image processing services in compelling new ways.

The first DService, licensed from Equilibrium and built on proven technology. MediaGen DService will leverage the CGN to provide the services layer needed to power the MediaGen family of DApps and client applications. The MediaGen DService operating within the CGN ecosystem, will provide the services for performing general purpose, near real-time request handling for image, animation, font, audio/video, dynamic processing and rendering operations.

For contrast, content Delivery Networks (CDN’s) are an existing technology designed to decentralize the delivery of static assets to client applications (such as Web browsers, but also DApps) so that end users are always able to access Web assets from a server geographically close to their computer. This greatly shortens traffic roundtrip times and improves the user experience. This also helps manage load spikes on the central asset storage and delivery mechanism when many users around the globe try to request the same asset simultaneously. The CGN differs from a CDN in that the CGN emphasizes generation rather than distribution. The CGN is a breakthrough technology that, for the first time ever, applies the principles of a CDN to dynamic content, decentralizing its generation, and ensuring consumers of dynamic content will be ability to obtain custom-generated assets as quickly as possible from a server in close geographic proximity to their computer.

The CGN by design is also CDN-compatible, meaning that the CGN itself can be wrapped by a CDN for even more robustness. The pairing of a CDN with the CGN yields both benefits, with the CDN preventing re-generation of the same content repeatedly, and allowing the delivery of the underlying dynamic content to also benefit from additional distributed, global caching by the CDN. This can relieve the CGN of unnecessary computation load caused by redundant regeneration of identical content

We will offer 5,000,000,000 (five billion) tokens.

We subscribe to the idea that letting markets establish value is much more fair than asking a few people close to the project to try to value it. After all, in the case of an ICO, the market for tokens is composed of hundreds or thousands of individual minds, each possessing their own opinions, ideas, hopes, expectations and investment goals.

The purpose of this stage is the early raising of funds to fund initial development of the project, and to operate the team and take the project through completion of the ICO. This portion of the crowd sale will be offered to a small number of qualified investors who will also offer their own expertise and guidance to help the project succeed through the ICO. For private sale inquiries please contact us at ico@mediarich.io or on telegram @mediarichio

The public main sale will be structured as a series of offerings of a block size of 10,000,000 tokens distributed over a 29-hour period, repeating continually until all tokens have been sold. The 29-hour period guarantees that day by day, the final hour of bidding will land a convenient time of day near each time zone once every 4 days. This results in a pattern where the final hour moves from east to west 7 by time zones each day, thereby circling the globe roughly every 3 ½ days For more details on both the public presale and main sale structure please view our white paper.

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